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Sunday, 12 April 2015

How to Train Your Dragon: Dragon Eggs

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Simple to make and fun to smash, these dragon eggs were a big hit with the kids. We decided to do these instead of a Pinata so each child got there own little goodies. Plus since it was Easter I thought it would be fun to make them go looking for the eggs.

Once they found an egg they had to bring it back to the designated smashing spot. One by one they were given a rolled up newspaper to smash open their eggs with. I then had loot bags for them to put their goodies in.

To make the dragon eggs you will need:

  • Ballons
  • Newspaper
  • Paper mache glue. I used a mixture of flour and water. Start with a 50/50 mix and add either flour or water to get it to a consistency that works well for you. Mine was just a little thinner than a pancake mix.
  • Paint/spray paint

  1. To start with you want to blow up the balloon.
  2. Rip your newspaper into medium size piece. Not to big as they won't go around the curves nicely and not to small as, well it would take forever.
  3. Start putting the paper around the balloon. I liked to dip my paper in the glue then stick it to the balloon but you can always but the glue on the balloon first. Once my paper was stuck I would spread a light layer over the top to stick the edges down. I left the opening where the balloon tie was so I could add my goodies later. It also made it easy to hang them on the clothes line to dry between each layer.
  4. Once you have done at least 3 layers you can pop the balloon and add your goodies. Then you can carefully close the hole with more layers of paper mache.
  5. When your paper mache egg is dry, you can paint it. I started using a brush but it didn't take long for me to enlist my husbands help and get him to spray paint them.
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