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Thursday, 9 April 2015

How To Train Your Dragon: Feeding Time


Presentation Board
Dragon Images (Google search How To Train Your Dragon Art)
Something circular to mark holes. I used a plate.
Scissors/serrated knife
Sheep - I used this pattern from Bowtykes -

The kids absolutely loved this game. Since all the children we invited were under 5 we made it pretty basic. The only goal was to get the sheep through the hole. 

For older children you could make it harder by having smaller holes or getting them to throw the sheep from further away. 

To start with I marked out where I wanted each hole. I then cut the holes out with a serrated knife. I started with scissors but gave up pretty quickly. I then googled for dragon images and printed them out to fit in the spaces I had left.

 It is a pretty simple game to make. The most time consuming part was making all 8 sheep. I made one for each child invited so they were able to take them home in the end. 

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