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Sunday, 12 April 2015

How to Train Your Dragon: Felt Toy Dragons

A lot of the time when our children go to parties they come back with plastic toys that break the next day. I wanted to send them home with something that would last a bit longer.

I came across this Felt Dragon pattern on Etsy and although I had never worked with felt before I immediately purchased it. The pattern specified that you need beginner/intermediate sewing skills. Basically if you know how to thread a needle and sew you should be fine. The pattern has step by step pictures and is really simple to understand. She also has many other felt patterns in her Etsy store.

The dragon masks were based on masks I found on Google. I couldn't find a pattern and the originals were done with embroidery instead of felt.

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To make the patterns for the masks I printed out the photo's I found.


When printing these please make sure you don't change the sizes. They should be printed landscape.

Once you have done this you want to trace around each part on a separate piece of paper. This will give you your pattern pieces.

For Toothless I cut out two main black parts. I hand sewed the green under the eyes and the blue forehead triangles to one piece. I then joined them together so the back stitching was hidden on the first piece and used a sewing machine to go around the outside of the mask and around the eyes.

Stormfly was a bit more work. When cutting out the felt you want to add a cm to the bottom of the yellow spikes and a cm to the top of the white. This makes it easier when it comes to sewing it together.

To start with you want to cut out two yellow spikes, one yellow forehead triangle, one white bottom, one blue top. You will also want one complete blue piece. This is for the back of the mask. To get this pattern piece you want to trace around the entire mask excluding the spikes.

Then you want to sew the two yellow spike pieces together, Sew the forehead triangle to the blue top and stitch in the nostrils. Once this is done you need to sew the white bottom to the blue top. This makes the front of your mask. You then want to join the back which was the one complete blue piece to the front piece.

While you are stitching around you want to sandwich the yellow spikes between the layers. If you take a look at the picture you will notice that I kept my thread the same colour as the felt I was sewing. I think this keeps it looking sharp.

These toys were a big hit on the day, the kids just loved them.

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  1. Did you add elastic to the masks for wearing? If so, do you have measurements/instructions for that?