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Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Sliver Arrived!

I brought some sliver to spin with my spinning wheel from Skeinz which is an online yarn store. I decided to go with the cheaper wool since I am still learning and the listing suggested it would be a great start for beginners.

So while the children were asleep today I attempted (yes attempted) to spin my first yarn. Lets just put it this way. The videos on youtube make it look easier than it really is. Then again when I first learned to crochet it took me 3 days to learn to chain with an even tension throughout.

Here is a photo of today's efforts (insert embarrassed face here)

First Spinning Attempt

 But I figure if I keep trying it will only get easier right? Well I sure hope so. I figure I can use this to test my dyeing skills on. They might be just as bad.

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