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Thursday, 28 August 2014

From Bleach Blonde to Ash Blonde

This post contains affiliate links 

 So over the weekend I had a bit of a dye disaster which required me to go from bleach blonde to ash blonde. I had bought the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde L101 Silver Blonde Lightening Crème awhile back and decided to give it ago. It promised to have a strong lightning effect with no yellow. Boy was it wrong.

I wasn't planning on writing a review on this product so I didn't get a before shot specifically to show my previous hair colour but this photo was taken a day before when we went motorbike shopping. That's a different blog post :)

Anyway as you might be able to tell the first 2 inches of my hair are slightly darker from the last home dye and then the rest is a nice blonde with about a cm of dark blonde regrowth. I expected that I would get different blonde tones throughout but still end up blonde over all. I was sadly disappointed. Keep in mind I am not a hair dresser so I was trusting what the back of the box promised me.

This photo is after the toner. I wish I had of got a photo before the toner because my roots were bright orange and the hair that was already blonde had gone a banana yellow colour. After the toner I was left with banana yellow roots. The rest of my hair was a combination of banana yellow streaks and white hair. YUK. This was no where near what I was going for. For a product that promises no yellow you have to wonder what they were thinking.

 So after a bit of Google searching I found people had mixed results with going over with a ash blonde. Some people commented that it would turn green, purple or grey. I thought about this for a bit as I wasn't sure whether I wanted to risk another box colour or fork out a couple of hundred to get the hairdresser to fix it. In my opinion not much can be worse than bleach blonde hair.

In the end I decided to send my wonderful husband to the supermarket and he came back with two boxes of  8.1 Ash Blonde Excellence by L'Oréal Paris. We put it through my hair a day after the first box which is a big no no of course but my hair was in alright condition before so I was not overly worried. 

The box includes a protective serum which you put on the hair before you dye it, the colouring creme and developer. The bottle has a comb attachment you can use which made it really easy for my husband to put the dye through. and it includes a conditioning balm.

I found that I had to use the protective serum from both boxes to cover all my hair but only had to make up on of the dyes and there was plenty of the dye left over. I also found I will get three uses out of one of the conditioning balm bottles. 

When the dye was on my hair it had a grey colour to it which I admit did worry me slightly after all the reviews I had read online. But my husband assured me it was just the dye and not my actual hair that was turning grey. I was ready to wash it out after 20 mins but he made me hold on for the complete 30. If you want a lighter ash blonde I would just suggest keeping an eye on it and washing it out when you feel ready.

eeek it's grey

Colour today

Over all I am really pleased with the result. It didn't turn grey and the colour looks much better on me than bleach blonde.

I hope if anyone else has an opps moment with the bleach they will not be as scared to try this now. I have definitely learned not to trust the writing on the box. Maybe I should send them a photo of my yellow hair to show them just how wrong they are.

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